A new locksmith company, Discount Locksmith, plans to change the traditional locksmith pricing structure by offering over 50% off most services through their website www.Discount-Locksmith.com.

MESA, Ariz.Feb. 9, 2016PRLog — Discount Locksmith, a new locksmith company based out of Mesa, Arizona, is taking a unique approach to how they price and quote their locksmith services. Traditionally, due to the complexities of locksmith services, most companies will only quote their “service call” fee to a customer. The service call fee is just the cost for sending a technician to the customer’s location. Once the technician arrives and assesses the job, many times the customer is quoted a price much higher than expected in addition to the service call fee. Discount-Locksmith.com is now changing how those prices are calculated and quoted to the customer.

“There are many costs that go into the total fee customers are charged.” says JP Drissen, the CEO of Discount Locksmith. “One of our biggest costs is just getting the phone to ring. Getting a customer to call us can account for 50% or more of the total cost for the service we are providing.” JP goes on to say that Discount Locksmith is doing a couple things differently through their website www.Discount-Locksmith.com. “First, we provide a price list on the website that shows exactly how much the service costs including a breakdown of those costs so there are no hidden fees. Second, we offer pricing that is over 50% less than regular prices; all we ask is that the customer like and share us on social media.”

Discount Locksmith believes that offering customers 50% savings by them sharing the service on social media is a huge benefit to both parties. Discount Locksmith is able to greatly reduce their lead generation costs by having happy, satisfied customers share their experience on social media. Then by passing those savings on, customers are extremely happy with receiving a huge discount on their service, many times with savings adding up to $100 and more!

Discount Locksmith just opened their first physical location in Mesa, AZ with plans to open a second location soon in Phoenix. Discount Locksmith offers mobile service 24/7 and on-site service at their physical location by appointment only. Discount Locksmith has plans to expand nationwide and is looking for new locksmith partners across the US. If interested in becoming a Discount Locksmith partner you are encouraged to contact them by phone or through their website for more information.

For more information visit: http://discount-locksmith.com

About Discount Locksmith, LLC

Discount Locksmith’s corporate location is located in Mesa, AZ. All jobs are performed by technicians who are independent contractors. Limited warranty on parts may be provided by the technician .Discounted prices listed on the website available only for customers who share on social media prior to the time of service. Customers who do not share on social media page prior to receiving service may be charged regular prices which may be much higher than listed discount prices. Contact a representative for more information.