So you’re in a rush and your mind is occupied with the thousand things you’ve got to do that day. You pull into the parking spot and quickly climb out of the car. It’s not until after closing the car door behind you that you realize what you just did. You forgot to take the keys out of the ignition. Turning to open the driver side door…Uh-oh… The doors locked with the keys inside!

Trying not to panic, you proceed to check all the other doors; if you’re lucky, maybe one of them is still unlocked. Nope. What next? Maybe you have a spare key hidden on a magnet under your car or maybe you’ve got a FOB in your bag. Nope. What now? Looking down at your feet in frustration, you recall the shoelace trick seen on youtube for opening car doors. Quickly you take off your shoelace and proceed to tie a slipknot when you realize this technique won’t work on your car since the locking mechanism is on the side of the door.

In a panicked frenzy, you proceed to pry the door with whatever tool or object you can find. You damage the door and still can’t get it open! Bah! Having no choice, you find a large rock and are about to smash the window when suddenly you remember: Discount Locksmith provides emergency lockout service day & night in Phoenix, AZ and the entire metropolitan area to open locked car doors!

Taking out your phone, you call (602) 833-1233 and request vehicle lockout service at your immediate location!