You’re hitting the open road, got the RV loaded up and headed off for an epic adventure! There are a couple things you don’t want to have to worry about that can ruin your trip, someone breaking into your RV or camper trailer, or conversely, you not being able to get into your own camper or RV!

RV Lock Repair

We have mobile locksmith technicians available 24 hours a day to repair your broken RV door lock. If you’re locked out we can get you back in or we can even come to you to make new replacement keys or duplicate keys on-the-spot while you wait! We can repair broken door locks, trailer locks, cabinet locks or the broken ignition on your vehicle.

Paddle Lock Replacement

Broke door paddle latch or just need to upgrade to a more secure or keyless entry system? Discount Locksmith can install a new replacement entrance door lock with a deadbolt or even with a keyless touch pad entry system.

Motorhome Locksmith Services

  • RV door locks
  • RV compartment locks
  • RV cam locks
  • RV latch
  • RV keys
  • Trailer lock
  • Camper lock
  • RV door locks keyless
  • RV door deadbolt
  • RV screen door latch

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